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Forex Trading Journey

If you are thinking that you will get into forex trading today and by tomorrow you will be a pro at it,...

Getting To Know The Forex Market Better: Does It Have A Central Location?

If you have been reading our blogs frequently, you must be aware by now that forex market is the short form for the...

Your Gate Pass to The First Entry In The Foreign Exchange Market

As the title suggests, it is not going to be a literal gate pass, but this article is going to help you...

The Unspoken Truth Behind Hafizzat Rusli

If we look back into history one thing is clear that one cannot run away from his or her destiny. A similar...
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Darvin, our latest Ultimate Class Student

Darvin has Petroleum Engineering background and is looking to create another source of consistent income via Forex Trading. Good luck and all...

Congratulations to Puan Mudaez

We're very proud of your achievements Puan Mudaez! Congrats on hitting your RM 1M savings goal. That...

Welcome Mr Jackson to #TeamBlue

Welcome Mr Jackson to our Ultimate Class. Hope you will reach greater heights in your trading career....